Digital Decade at FutureFest, London

On 7 July Nesta's FutureFest kicked off in London's Tobacco Dock for two days of discussions, debates, performances and immersive experiences exploring alternative futures and innovative solutions to the challenges that lay ahead.

Designcollector and FutureFest (Nesta UK) presented “Future Selves”, a special edition of our annual digital art collaboration. Digital Decade was looking for Ello Artists to submit artworks and imagine how we may reinvent and edit our identities in the future. The call was reflecting on one of the main programming areas of this year’s FutureFest, ‘Alternative You’.

Photos from Future Selves exhibition

The best artworks from Ello Artist Invite became a part of a pop-up exhibition at the festival alongside other works we picked up from Cyberia 2017 show. The exhibition took place on 6-7th July at London’s Tobacco Dock and was looking at the future of our ever evolving identities at the intersection of real and digital worlds.

Arseny Vesnin (Digital Decade) with Sir Nick Clegg, former UK Deputy Minister