Future Selves 2018: Jarid Scott

Jarid Scott

About Winner Artwork: Jarid Scott

The more technology progresses the more we live in a wireless post-cloud world. But what happens to us when we've uploaded our entire lives into a digital cloud and the cloud comes down? How much can we be broken down and glitched until we are no longer recognizably ourselves?


Future Selves: Digital Decade Special Edition 2018

Designcollector and FutureFest(by Nesta, London) present “Future Selves”, a special edition of the annual “phygital” art collaboration where Digital Decade is looking for Ello Artists to submit artworks and imagine how we may reinvent and edit our identities in the future. The call is reflecting on one of the main programming areas of this year’s FutureFest, ‘Alternative You’. The best 3 artworks will be part of a pop-up exhibition at the festival alongside other artworks curated by Designcollector Network. The exhibition take place on 6-7th July at London’s Tobacco Dockand will look at the future of our ever evolving identities at the intersection of real and digital worlds.

6-7 July 2018

Limited Edition 1

Available on Sale in London