DD5: Aristarkh Chernyshev, 2017

Aristarkh Chernyshev, Loading, 2007, Custom LED Panel, 50 x 6 cm, Courtesy the artist and XL Gallery, Moscow © Aristarkh Chernyshev

The idea to get on board one of the pioneer of digital art - Aristarkh Chernyshev came to me after I revisited "Electronic Superhighway" exhibition in Whitechapel in 2016. That's how we got his famous electric marquee artwork to the walls of Cyberia exhibition

Photo by Antony Kitson

Photo by Antony Kitson


The interactive object "Loading" exhibited at Digital Decade 5 during 25-27 August, 2017 at Ugly Duck Gallery, London

Aristarkh Chernyshev on ARTSY